How to Visit Machu Picchu

Visiting Machu Picchu is an incredible experience that requires some planning due to its remote location and popularity among tourists. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to visit Machu Picchu: Plan Your Trip in Advance: Machu Picchu is a popular destination, and tickets often sell out, especially during the high season (May to September). Decide […]

Restrictions in Machu Picchu

As of my last update in January 2022, entry to Machu Picchu is subject to certain restrictions and regulations aimed at preserving the site’s cultural and natural heritage and ensuring the safety of visitors. Here are some key restrictions and guidelines that were typically in place: Limited Daily Visitors: To manage the impact of tourism […]

Weather Information in Cusco

Cusco, located in the Peruvian Andes, experiences a mild climate with two distinct seasons: the dry season and the wet season. Here’s a breakdown of the weather in Cusco throughout the year: Dry Season (May to October): May to August: These months constitute the peak tourist season in Cusco due to the dry weather and […]

How to get to Cusco

Getting to Cusco, Peru, depends on your starting point. Here are some common ways to reach Cusco: By Air: The Alejandro Velasco Astete International Airport (CUZ) serves Cusco and is the most common entry point for travelers coming from other countries or major cities within Peru. Many domestic airlines operate flights to Cusco from Lima, […]

How to get Humantay Lake

Humantay Lake is a stunning turquoise lake located in the Andes Mountains of Peru, near the iconic Machu Picchu. Here’s how you can get to Humantay Lake: Start from Cusco: Most visitors to Humantay Lake start their journey from the city of Cusco, which is a popular tourist hub in Peru. Book a Tour or […]

How to get machu Picchu

Visiting Machu Picchu is a journey that combines natural beauty, historical intrigue, and a sense of adventure. Here are the main ways to get to this iconic site: 1. Train from Cusco or Ollantaytambo The most common and convenient way to reach Machu Picchu is by train. Two main companies, PeruRail and Inca Rail, offer […]